Arc Gallery  San Francisco "METROPOLIS"  Opening April 22th 7-9pm  : Matthew Frederick, Katja Leibenath, Lucky Rapp and Kenneth Sloan

A Metropolis is iconic. Is it the culture of the city or the monuments that define it? Or, are both working together to influence the ideals and lifestyles of the people who experience them?
Matthew Frederick, Katja Leibenath, Lucky Rapp, and Ken Sloan explore this theme in their new work. This collection of paintings play with everyday urban scenes, beloved icons and words. Ultimately, reminding us to savor our cities and look again at what we might take for granted in a new light.

ArtHaus Gallery San Francisco "MIX MASTERS" - works in various media. Main Gallery Featuring: Riis Burwell, Serena, Gioi Tran, Jhina Alvarado-Morse, Matthew Vossen Frederick, Mirang Wonne, Andrea Arroyo, Patter Hellstrom, Carolyn Meyer, Franc D'Ambrosio, Brian Blood, Adam Kurtzman and Astrid.

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