"Sockeye Salmon"                                oil on panel                              40"x40"                                2014

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Arc Gallery      "Artbears sF      Opening Reception   June 26th, 2014  

Daikado Gallery   "Figures"     FEBRUARY 17TH-MAY 17TH. 2015   

Marin Magazine :: February 2013 :: Out and About :: Full page image of South Tower Golden Gate "California Impressions" at ArtHaus Gallery

“Matthew Frederick's paintings, with their textural elegance and rich interplay of color, bring a life of their own to the spaces in which they are placed. I find his work as evocative as it is intriguing.”  - Jacques Saint Dizier :: Architectural Digest 100 Designer “Vibrant rollercoaster broad brush impasto landscapes and still lifes with agile backdrop flourishes.” - Alan Bamberger :: from review on